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Descartes Battlefleet Set: DW 3.0

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    Descartes Battlefleet Set: DW 3.0

    Dystopian Wars je námořní válečná hra s modely v měřítku 1:1200, ve které proti sobě stojí ohromné bitevní stroje v epickém konfliktu na vodě, pod vodou a ve vzduchu. Odehrává se v alternativním světě pozdního 19. století, dystopickém věku, kdy neuvěřitelný vědecký pokrok nezastavil, ale naopak umocnil boj národů o zdroje a moc.

    Obsah boxu:

    • 1x Descartes Class Battleship - 1x bitevní loď třídy Descartes
    • 2x Copernicus Cruisers - 2x křižník třídy Copernicus
      • Každý křižník se dá alternativně složit ve třídách Antarctica, Chatelet, Lovelace, Stiletto nebo Ulysses Class
    • 6x Merian Class Frigates - 6x fregata třídy Merian
      • Každá fregata se dá alternativně složit i jako třída Germain
    • 2x SRS tokeny
    • 2x podstavec
    • 1x set tokenů velryb a ledovců

    Modely jsou dodávané nesložené a nenabarvené.
    Herní profily modelů ke stažení zdarma na www.dystopianwars.com
    Materiál: plast

    --- ENG ---

    The Covenant of the Enlightened see themselves as both pioneers and the leading authority in the spheres of science and engineering. Uninterested in mere nationhood, this globe-spanning organisation considers the whole world to be their purview. Dismissing petty politics and squabbles they instead focus on the purity of developing anything they can for the greater uplifting of humanity.

    Discoveries in bionics have enabled peers in that field to influence the behaviour of a number of intelligent animals such as apes, birds, whales and dolphins. The creation of Physeter constructs from sperm whales is by far the largest of these undertakings. Usually they are employed as scouts or observers, bringing advanced warning of approaching enemies. Alternatively, once suitably equipped with a variety of weaponry they can be encouraged to make coordinated ambushes against agreed targets. During a battle, the Physeter Constructs are maintained and deployed from Control Ships such as the Descartes Class. These large, battleship-sized vessels boast advanced weaponry and are crewed by dedicated nautical engineers to further the cause of science.

    Even with the Physeter Constructs and batteries of Particle Beamers, the Descartes still need the support of smaller, faster ships. The Enlightened most commonly deploy Lovelace Class cruisers, but also outfit a number of different specifications. The Antarctica Class Superiority Cruiser, not only has a pair of Particle Beamers but also a devastating Heavy Particle Cannon. The Chatelet Class and the Ulysses Class are equipped with a small number of Scythe class fighters for reconnaissance and support, while the Stiletto Class relies on speed to get them in and out of engagements fast.

    The armed forces of the Covenant of the Enlightened are entirely composed of paid volunteers and are therefore few in number. The technological superiority of the Enlightened makes up for this with automation. Many of the smaller vessels in the Enlightened fleet are virtually crewless automatons loaded with sophisticated routines and reactions. This significantly cuts down on the crew needed for the navy as a whole. The Germain Class Zebek and Merian Class Frigate are two such vessels that are seen in squadrons alongside the larger vessels.

    The Descartes Battlefleet Set kit builds eight multi-part plastic and resin miniatures;

    • 1x Descartes Class Battleship
    • 2x Copernicus Class Cruisers
      • Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Antarctica, Chatelet, Lovelace, Stiletto or Ulysses Class
    • 6x Merian Class Frigates
      • Each Frigate can alternatively be built as Germain Class
    • 2x SRS Tokens
    • 2x Bases
    • 1x Whale & Iceberg Token Sheet

    Please note:

    • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.
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