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Trident Realm Thuul Troop: Kings of War

  • Výrobce: Mantic Entertainment 
  • Kód produktu:MGKWR301
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  • Původní cena:750,00 Kč
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  • Cena:697,00 Kč
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    Trident Realm Thuul Troop: Kings of War
    --- ENG ---

    These ferocious creatures are a bizarre blend of halfling and octopus. Only a fool would underestimate them however, and there are the bodies of many fools now feeding the things that lurk in the depths.

    This set contains 10 resin miniatures, including:

    • 10x Multi-part Resin Thuul
    • Plastic 20mm Bases
    • 1 Mantic Point

    Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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