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  • Murder of Hellion Posse
  • Murder of Hellion Posse
  • Murder of Hellion Posse
  • Murder of Hellion Posse

Murder of Hellion Posse

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Tento box pro Enlightened obsahuje 6 modelů:

  • 1x Caym
  • 1x Whitewing
  • 1x Vladimir Ursul
  • 2x Apex Hellions
  • 5x podstavec

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Materiál: resin

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Vladamir Ursul could have lived out the rest of his life in peace, tending his small plot of land and hunting in the forests that surround it. Destiny, however, had other plans for him. As a young man Vlad enlisted for the Commonwealth Army and found that his upbringing in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and experience as a trapper and huntsman served him well in his new role as a forward scout and picquet. Vlad left the raising of his son, Roman, to his wife while his path took him into the service of his brother-in-law, the Enlightened scientist Burson Carpathian. When Vlad was reunited with his son nearly two decades later, he fully intended to settle down and make up for lost time but Roman was a stranger to him and their lives were so radically different that Vlad struggled to find a way to fit in with the lad.

During his formative years Roman Ursul was given the best education possible. Following the work of Burson Carpathian and the Covenant of the Enlightened, Roman grew to be a brilliant young man. He dreamed of a chance to impress Carpathian, seeing him as both mentor and father-figure, even though they had barely corresponded. Despite these efforts, however, Carpathian was a difficult man to impress and following the death of his wife Veronica he became obsessed by some “great work” that Roman was mostly excluded from. This obsession made it even more difficult for Roman to receive the attention and recognition he craved but his own work on human / machine integration became all the more advanced as a result.

Roman’s psychopathy truly took hold at the age of 19. What began as inspiration in the form of a demon named Caym; an amalgam of man and bird, soon turned into an obsession of his own to mirror that of his uncle’s. Upon discovering Caym in his studies, Roman began to work towards creating a way for man to fly with wings of his own. His initial focus was on his own flight harness but while this gave some amount of gliding ability it was not the same as true flight. The desire to soar amid the clouds was a strong lure and Roman wanted to find a way of attaching mechanical wings to a human frame whilst still keeping the original personality of the subject. This last part was extremely difficult to achieve as most Creations, Menials and other experiments made by the Enlightened, especially Carpathian’s own work, retained very little of the person they once were. As Roman worked on this problem without respite, the alter-ego of Caym began to assert greater dominance. This process was completed just before he left London to follow Carpathian and his father to the Americas. In the process of trying to stop a serial killer’s murderous spree on the streets of Whitechapel, he began to see that only the strongest mind is capable of such depravity and in order to truly free his potential he must follow that path. Thus, in an East London backstreet, Caym was born and Roman Ursul was left behind.

In the New World, meeting with his uncle and reuniting with his father, Caym was emboldened to take more risks in his experiments and despite the mounting human cost, he produced breakthrough after breakthrough. Taking principles of his own flight suit and refining the methods of Kyle the Black and others in the Enlightened, Caym created Hellion, a blending of man and winged machine. Gifting a flock of such constructs to his uncle caused Carpathian to take notice of what Caym was achieving. Such recognition was bittersweet as Carpathian soon lost interest once he realised that the application of this new technology would not significantly further his own work as the Hellion lacked higher brain functions, much like the other augmented meniels and henchmen the Enlightened constructed. Undeterred by this Caym continued and when a young Warrior Nation woman sought him out he had his true success.

Whitewing was destined to be a Peyasa Spirit Walker, and belonged to the same tribe as Alcon and his daughters. Despite their assistance, each time she attempted the ritual she was rejected by the Great Spirit. Alcon claimed that she had a shadow following her and she would never walk the path of a Spirit Warrior. Fleeing her tribe in shame she heard rumour of Caym’s experiments and pleaded with him to succeed where Alcon had failed and let her fly. Caym recognised a dark side to her that mirrored the one that resided within himself, and knew that she had the conviction needed to pass through the process intact. He was right. The surgery and full integration with the RJ fuelled machinery was a success and Whitewing became his most trusted lieutenant and companion.

Now all Caym needed was the recognition he deserved. After murdering his uncle, Caym came to appreciate that death for those of value to the Covenant was not as permanent as it might have otherwise been. Carpathian was brought back from the brink of death by Kyle the Black and Augusta Byron, cursed thereafter with psychotic killing rampages as often as genius lucidity. Now Caym is on the run from his murderous uncle and trying to keep one step ahead of those who would turn him in. Not willing to lose his son and unable to calm the raging Carpathian, Vlad has gone into exile along with Caym, in an attempt to keep his only son alive where his skills as a frontiersman, hunter and trapper are invaluable.

Following his success with Whitewing and now free of any oversight by the Enlightened, Caym developed a new higher breed of Hellion - the Apex Hellion. While not as free thinking and perceptive as Whitewing, these winged marvels still retain much more of their will than other Constructs and their effectiveness as killers and ambush predators is without equal.

The Murder of Hellion Posse kit builds five multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 1x Caym
  • 1x Whitewing
  • 1x Vladimir Ursul
  • 2x Apex Hellions
  • 5x Bases

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.
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